Grid InQuest II RPI2 Build

I have uploaded the test build for the Raspberry Pi 2 I mentioned in my previous post. In addition to the desktop application, I have built the dynamic library and the command line utilities.  The archive for this is available on BitBucket here:

As previously noted, the desktop application is usable, but sluggish in performance compared to an Intel based system.  However, the library and command line tools work well on Raspbian.  The dynamic library in particular could be useful for python programmers wanting to implement local coordinate systems within their Pi projects.


The current build will not run on any ARM 6 based Pis although it should work on a Pi 3, although this is untested.  I am currently working on a build system for ARM 6 and when I have this fully working, I will release an archive for use on model A’s, B’s and Zeros.

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