Grid InQuest II RPI1 Build

I have finally got Lazarus built on a Pi model B!  The build process is identical to that on the Pi 2, except there is insufficient memory to complete the process.  To overcome this, I have reduced the GPU memory allocation to 16Mb and increased the Swap file size to 2Gb.  Without these changes, the Lazarus make command will fail with ‘Can’t call the resource compiler’ errors.  In fact this is caused by the process exhausting all available RAM and SWAP space.  You can watch this happening by having the ‘top’ command running in a second command shell whilst the build proceeds.

I have also used this new model B test platform to build a Grid InQuest II archive for the ARM 6 based Raspberry Pi’s.  I will test this on a Pi Zero and Model A tomorrow.  The archive itself is available on BitBucket here:

I will write a full description of my new build procedure in a further post later this week.

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