Grid InQuest II on Raspberry Pi

Although not an officially supported target, I have managed to get the Grid InQuest II source code to compile and run on a Raspberry Pi 2 running the new PIXEL desktop.  The load time is quite long and the globe display rather sluggish, but it otherwise works as expected.  There may be other issues concerning floating point precision, but at first glance it appears to be returning valid results.


I will build an experimental release package later this week, although I must stress again that this will be purely experimental and currently unsupported.  In addition, I expect it may only work for Pi model 2’s and 3’s.

I will also revise my build instructions in another post for Lazarus on the Raspberry Pi to reflect the current status.  Unfortunately, it is still far from simple to get a working up-to-date Free Pascal compiler and Lazarus IDE installed on a Raspbian desktop.


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