Lazarus 1.0 Released!

After a 14 year development process the Lazarus project has finally released version 1.0 of this excellent Object Pascal IDE. The length of this extraordinary release cycle is not due to slow progress, but rather a reflection of the very demanding quality standards the core team have held to, refusing to release until they have fixed all bugs classed as required for system stability (many commercial projects could learn a thing or two from this!). Even before this ‘official’ release I have preferred this as my development platform of choice for many years now. If you have used Delphi, you will immediately be at home with this development system. More details are available from the official announcement.

WoodlandCalc Updated

The Woodland Potential Calculator project has just been updated to include the first draft copy of the national dataset:

There are still a number of areas that have not been individually assessed and some of the NCA descriptions are still only draft place holders. None-the-less, this is a first chance to see the application running with a realistic set of national data. Further updates will follow as the project being lead by the Forestry Commission and Natural England to assess the scope of the potential for increasing the extent of tree cover progresses.